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Painter and sculptor working in instillation.
I explore the use of absurd visual imagery as a coping mechanism for the existential themes of death and loneliness.

My collection of art, Party Rings at the Intervention, consists of large installation pieces alongside intimate small-scale works. These harness my fascination of absurd imagery to both recreate a childhood coping mechanism for loneliness and also produce a lens to challenge reality itself by humorously juxtaposing benign and violent imagery. The imagery I make seems to be a part of its own world, and so to make my work more immersive and its universe tangible, I have incorporated moving elements that can be kinetically manipulated by the viewer in this exhibition.

The irrational, the human nostalgia, and the absurd that is born of
their encounter – these are the three characters in a drama that must
necessarily end with all the logic of which an existence is capable.

Albert Camus

Cat Zeppelin detail from large instillation piece – 2024. Oil paint, MDF

Unicorn – 2024. Oil paint and MDF

In mid 2023, I began to experiment with occult and medieval imagery in large collages, as these references are paradoxically well known yet completely foreign in our daily lives. These collages then began to incorporate my own invented imagery and I enjoyed the visual effect of layering elements upon one another. I kept this three dimensional aspect of layering and developed it to make each individual figure a layered image, carefully deciding what needs to be behind or in front of the next piece.

Making Jonny Jerkweed: Gimp Extraordinaire

The painting process begins after hand cutting each section required to achieve the layering within the sculpture.

The painted sections are then assembled and detailing is built up on the piece by adding pins and fabrics.

Development and Practice Process

An earlier version of Unicorn before choosing the bright yellow colouration.

My process begins with quick sketches done in bold marker pen on paper.