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I am passionate about the application of aesthetics and form to create delightful user experiences across a diverse range of products. I enjoy the challenge of collaborating across disciplines and considering a range of views in my design process.

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Kindl – Reducing the impact of technoference in parent-child relationships

Kindl is a device designed to guide families in evolving their smartphone use habits to reduce the frequency with which the devices can interrupt time together, using a strategy of physical separation to prevent absent-minded use combined with technology to block audible notification sounds.

Kindl device with phones floating above
Gradients of LED flame effect

The ancient connection of human bonding and fire inspired both the form and interaction elements of the device, with an LED digital flame symbolising the quality of the time increasing as more phones are added.

A minimal dot matrix display provides a visual reminder for the user in the home of upcoming time periods, progress through them and information for when VIPs are trying to get in contact.

Digital display showing time

Technology that provides us with near-complete knowledge without a commensurate level of agency isn’t humane

Tristan Harris, Co-founder, Center for Humane Technology

User Interface

App home screen wireframes
Users will primarily interact through the application, using it to track quality and length of their social time, add events to bring family together and receive ideas and suggestions for new activities.
App tracking screen wireframes
Tracking is done through the bluetooth connection between the product and user’s smartphones, showing how long the spend together and at what frequencies. The app can build up a picture of the families habits to provide insights for improvements.

The Design Process

The smartphone has been instrumental in changing how we live, work and interact with the world around us, but the consequences of its ubiquity have only recently become clear. Extractive and intrusive design is at the heart of many of the most popular applications, demanding our attention in ever greater depth and time to generate profit, resulting in a perpetual rise in screen time.

As the headlines demonstrate, concern around smartphone overuse is widely shared, in particular the impact on children and adolescents. In particular, recent studies have demonstrated that a recent phenomenon, technoference, has the potential to cause widespread damage to the wellbeing of a generation of young people, through its frequent occurrence in their most valuable relationship with their parents.


Using supporting data and research to understand scenarios where technoference is most likely to occur.


Work Experience

Aug 2022 – Aug 2023 / Plank Hardware

Worked within the design team to develop concepts for new products, refine ideas through prototyping and CAD and communicated with manufacturers to produce samples and manage production. Additionally gained experience creating user manuals for assisting with installations and produced customer facing product specification documents.