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I'm a mixed media artist whose practice explores Light’s aesthetic. Through my artworks, I encapsulate the ephemeral nature of Light aiming to make it a visible and describable entity.

Ephemeral Luminescence:

Capturing the Essence of Light 

This photographic collection aims to capture the essence of the ephemeral nature of Light. Through these meditative stills, I encapsulate characteristics of found objects extorted by their interaction with Light and resulting in its visual representations. Light has a focal impact on our lives as it allows us to perceive the reality that surrounds us and therefore fund our existence. My wish is to share its importance through imagery of its properties. 

Light Portraits

Black and White photograms depicting imagery of interactions between light, and objects which hold characteristics of transparency, translucency, reflection and refraction. 

Light Concentrics

Images representing layers of colours merged into a bidimensional sphere of diffracted light.

Light Optics

Images capturing blends of prolongated light exposures converged into dominant shades.