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I am a sculptor who encapsulates the themes of death and decay within the human form, striving to engross the viewer with my immersive installations. My sculptures are my personal premonition of 'the end of the world' materialised.


About my Work

The key themes of my practice are death, decay, creation, and destruction. I invite viewers into an uncomfortable dystopia which questions the message that humanity has summoned an inevitable doomsday upon earth because of our indefeasible actions.  My installations’ purpose is to emblematize the retaliation and redemption mother nature takes after our world has come to demise, reclaiming the earth to what it once was, this is visualised upon a human form.

The sculptures are in visual pain and sorrow, as they rot and decay. The sculptures express the complex and virulent relationship and tie between man and nature. They envision humanities’ incessant need for consumerism culture which consequences in waste and destruction. This is man’s irreversible sole mistake that will have ultimate ramifications.

Represented using found objects and natural materials I repurpose; I accentuate the excessive wastage upon our planet which is destroying life and landscapes. The sculptures work together to produce my personal credence and premonition of an apocalyptic ‘end’ where we are consumed by forces stronger than our own. I strive to materialise the divine order of life that is interfered by humans’ delusion of their dominion through the irony of a body being attacked by forces of nature which in effect, are a greater power than our own.

The captivating eerie environment alongside the composition of ‘dead bodies’ attempts to highlight that humans do not remain after death, and so we should not entertain our superiority through destroying what isn’t ours.