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Hi, I'm Steph! I'm a multidisciplinary designer, specialising in Branding and Motion Graphics. I enjoy making meaningful and detail-oriented designs.

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Elvaston Castle

This project focuses on rebranding Elvaston Castle, a County Park based in Derbyshire.

Socialising as a family in nature allows us to form deeper connections with our children. But family days out are becoming increasingly expensive. Elvaston Castle is here as a place to rediscover. We provide a budget-friendly day out that sparks playful curiosity in the hearts of families.

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Stylistic Inspiration

To be authentic to Elvaston Castle, inspiration has been pulled from the Gothic Revival architecture and the overall beauty of the park.

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Refurbished Reality

Globally, each year “5.3 billion mobile phones” get thrown away. Gen Z are the people picking up the slack, exploring refurbished phones much more than any other generation. But there’s a bit of a barrier … they don’t trust the quality of refurbished phones.

Refurbished Reality is a PR Campaign which aims to make Giffgaff the go-to place for refurbished phones. The campaign illustrates how Giffgaff’s Refurbished phones are sweeter than you may expect.

Giffgaff Refurbished Reality Walkway
Refurbished Reality Sketchbook page

Character Development

Character development was integral to this campaign. Giffgaff’s refurbished reality was represented in characters that feel bouncy and full of energy. This is contrasted by characters representing the audience’s expectations of refurbished phones, which have a sense of uncertainty and mistrust.


Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

I’ve worked as a Graphic Design Intern with STENCIL Creative for 7 months. And I’ve completed a year’s Graphic UI Placement with TopCashback.

My diversified experience enables me to comfortably work in both Agency and In-house environments.