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I'm Annabel, and I'm a graphic designer who specialises in branding and campaign work. My projects focus on wellbeing and creating a better future for people, offering solutions to experiences that many of us share.

‘zzest’ – Healthy choice rewards

By 2050, it is expected that over 1.3 billion people will be living with diabetes, 90% being type 2. Busy schedules, financial struggles and lack of knowledge and information are all causes of poor health choices that result in diet related diseases.

Therefore, I created ‘zzest’ to make healthy eating fun, motivating and affordable for everyone.

When scanning your supermarket loyalty cards, your shop will be sent to your zzest account, giving points and rewards for every healthy purchase you make.

‘Vitabiotics’ rebrand

Founded in 1971, Vitabiotics is the UK’s leading vitamin brand. However, the use of supplements is rising with sales increasing by more than double between 2000 and 2017, and with roughly 4% more vitamin brands founded each year, Vitabiotics now has 249 competitors. 

I did this project to restore the Vitabiotics brand so that it will stand out amongst its competitors in the now saturated market.

Every child has a story

1 in 6 children experience mental health difficulties, yet children’s problems are regularly brushed off as being trivial or temporary. We’ve been told to enjoy being a child because adulthood will only be so much harder, but for some children, that is not the case.

‘Every child has a story’ is a campaign I created in collaboration with Young Minds to break the stigma and show people that no matter our age, we all have a story that needs to be heard.

‘Coca-Cola’ Connections

‘Coca-Cola’ Connections was made for the D&AD New Blood Competition, with the aim of re-engaging Coca-Cola with Gen Z.

Problem: To answer this brief, I focused on the issue of Gen Z struggling to form connections, resulting in an epidemic of loneliness.

Rationale: 75% of Gen Z claim that having deep and loving relationships is an important goal in their lives. However, 57% say they lack companionship and only 38% feel confident in their ability to establish connections.

Solution: To create a variety of solutions for Gen Z to find an easier way to form relationships.