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Hiya, I'm Sophie and I am a passionate designer with a strong interest in marketing, branding and understanding users. I love creating products that people really want and will enjoy!

Final Year Project


Home Vitamin Testing Kit.

Fitness and health enthusiasts are constantly bombarded with conflicting information about vitamins and supplements. With a growing trend in personalisation and customisation in the health industry, there is an increased demand for focus on bespoke products for consumers.

VIT. aims to meet these needs and empower users to take control of their health and optimise their physical potential.

User Journey

Our brand prides itself in being easy, accessible and user friendly.

The VIT kit is ordered online and delivered to the user’s door.

The user is instructed to download the app below and follow the instructions on use.

So what’s in the box?

The user receives a test kit preloaded with a micro-needle patch, refillable vitamin pill container, charger for the test kit and a sanitary cleansing wipe to use before the test kit is applied to skin. This ensures oil and dirt is cleansed away before use, reducing factors that may effect results.

User Experience

The user is instructed to apply the patch for 12 minutes.

The interstitial fluid (ISF) within the user’s arm is drawn up painlessly through microfluidic channels and tested by an electro-chemical cell.

The results are transmitted via Bluetooth to the user’s phone where quantified results can be reviewed.

Registering logged thoughts and feelings of the user into account, alongside their physical results, a bespoke vitamin formulation is created and manufactured specifically for the user.

This is then delivered monthly to the user, tracking progress weekly via the app.

After 3 months the user is encouraged to re-test to track their physical changes and review progress to ensure the user is reaching their full potential.


In my spare time I have always loved to bake… During the pandemic I turned my passion into a business.

I love working with clients to create bespoke designs for their celebrations and bringing a little bit of joy to their day!

Work Experience

Boots UK – Product Management Team

BulletProof Design Agency – Client Services & Marketing

Grenade – Marketing Team

Mondelez International (Cadburys, Milka, Toblerone) – R&D Packaging Technologist

NHS England – Covid-19 Vaccinator

@bakingwithsoph_ – Independent Baking Business


’23 Student Starpack Awards – Sliver

’23 Diploma in Professional Studies