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A creative mind with an edge for social design innovations through collaboration and artistic direction.

Industrial Design Major Project

Improving safety in green spaces.

“Designed to make the outdoors more welcoming by illuminating public green spaces during darker periods of the day. The unique and versatile fitting mechanism allows the light to touch every corner and crevice of it’s environment without mains connections.”


Due to Sotheia’s off the ground implementation, the product must be self sustaining. That’s why Sotheia is fitted with 6000W generator which is neatly attached to a 4 blade vertical axis wind turbine, powering it’s LED light for up to 170 hours without wind.

Sotheia hopes to improve inequalities in access to green space by making the areas its implemented in safer. Crime rates are reduced by over 20% when an area is well, Sotheia’s 3000 kelvin LED comfortably lights up paths and open spaces when triggered by it’s PIR motion sensor.

But light can only go so far in the pursuit for safety in public spaces, unlike any other outdoor lighting, Sotheia is implemented with members of the community as part of The Sotheia Initiative, allowing local voices have a say on how their public spaces are designed.

Sotheia is more than just a light, it’s implementation into green spaces becomes a symbol of quality and safety. The Sotheia Initiative is a council funded service that gives community members a say in what areas they want to see more illuminated in public green spaces. Everything from play areas and footpaths to dense hedgerows and crevices in bushes can be lit up in order to make green spaces feel safer in darker periods of the day.

The Sotheia Initiative also runs events in green spaces which provide a safe and inclusive environment in local communities. Providing such events aims to alter people’s perception and usage of the green spaces to something more positive and safe and gets people outside to experience the benefits of green space in built environments

The customer journey map (shown above) depicts a community involvement event to implement Sotheia into the customer’s local green space, it follows her journey from discovering the service to how it stays with her for a longer period of time.

My Design Process

Reaching my final design took a lot of ideation, a process I thoroughly enjoy. I love using my creative freedom to think of forms and implementation techniques to help my design reach the best outcome.

Design Week

A sub-aqua scuba diving light aimed at lighting shipwrecks for divers and monitoring site conditions.

Working with Holophane and the LIA on the brief, “Design a Light for a remote area” was a fun and intense process. The week long design project saw me challenge myself by designing a truly unique product for a unique environment, expanding my CAD skills on solid works and learning about the world of wreck diving.

Study Exchange

Spending 10 months in the Netherlands helped me expand my design skills and show me the array of opportunities that comes with studying design. Shown below:

HomePanels – Stylish hexagonal sound insulation pads for living spaces and home studios

  • During this project I found that upcycled sound panels have a lot of potential as canvases and can maintain their sound insulation properties after being drenched in paint. Their hexagonal shapes allows the panels to be arranged in unison, creating a larger plain for creation.

Art Work – A collection of pieces made by myself