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Currently, I am interested in where performance, drawing and human interactions meet. My recent work has been probing how relationships and the dynamics between people, influence their subconscious responses and documenting that through drawing.




‘In Touch’ is a collective of interactive drawings that I used to explore the documentation of a conversation with out words. They look at how two people subconsciously respond to one another. Who will give and who will take; if there is tension and conflict or fluidity and synchrony. Someone can either take control and be the dominant movement and therefore the other is submissive or there is a balance created where one will give in so the other can take. However, a balance is not always found and there is a conflict throughout the drawing. Creating these drawings, you come out having experienced a more in depth first interaction that is more subconsciously active as you may not understand why you respond in that way. Part of this exploration is to further understand why we act in certain ways to one another. Our body language, tone of voice and overall responses, but I have approached it in a more experimental way. For example, I came out of one of the drawings relaxed and having a very strong feeling of mutual respect for the other person and in another I came out feeling on edge and rather uncomfortable, though I was drawing with someone I thought I would be comfortable with.

The drawings are done blindfolded and we try not to speak unless needed. This is to really try and feel the movement, to have fewer distractions and to become more in tune with each other and ourselves. The idea of hindering one sense to in hance another.