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Forward-thinking design Graduate with a passion for conceptualising impactful solutions.
Previous experience working with major clients across CPG, Automotive, Public Sector and MALS in a consulting environment.
Interested in User-centred design, User experience and creating long-lasting product offerings.

Final Year Project:

Motolink – Revolutionising Portable Motorcycle Security and Enhancing Rider Experience

The Problem

Motorcycle theft remains a huge issue in the UK and around the world with approximately 26,000 motorcycles stolen every year in the UK and with motorcycles being 4 times more likely to be targetted by thieves.

The traditional motorcycle security market has focussed on the creation of standalone security products that require users to conduct thorough research into usability and various ways to secure their motorcycles. There are a vast range of devices that act as deterrents often as part of a “layered” security approach due to angle grinders easily defeating many products. This means many riders carry between 1-4 different security-based products.

Riders frequently experience frustrations with the portability, size and fitment compatibility of products as well as a lack of complete reassurance from powered tool attacks and theft via simple lifting into vans.

With very few specific parking bays and infrastructure created for riders anchoring or tethering a bike is a challenge and is still susceptible to attacks via powered tools.

The Opportunity

Therein exists an opportunity to integrate new technologies and combative materials in a portable and easy-to-use product that creates a more cohesive security platform that not only gives riders peace of mind but can also add to their knowledge and assist their day-to-day experience with parking their prized motorcycle.

Development Journey

Final Solution & Key Features

Key Features

  1. Robust Shackle Design: A specially engineered shackle fits securely over the rear tyre of most motorcycles, providing a strong anchor point that deters theft.
  2. Secure Anchoring System: The ability to anchor motorcycles securely to various surfaces, including those that are porous, ensuring maximum stability and protection.
  3. Portable Packaway design: Compact and easy-to-carry design, allowing riders to take Motolink with them without adding bulk or weight.
  4. Smart Connectivity: Integrated with a mobile app that provides real-time alerts, notifications, and updates on the security status of the motorcycle and maintenance.
  5. Safe Parking Guidance: The app includes features that guide riders to safe parking locations, helping them find the most secure spots to leave their motorcycles.
  6. Tamper Alerts: Built-in sensors detect any tampering or movement, immediately alerting the owner via the mobile app.
  7. Vibration Detection: Advanced vibration sensors monitor for unusual movements or vibrations, triggering alarms to prevent theft.
  8. Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in rain, snow, or heat.
  9. Long Battery Life: Equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring continuous protection without frequent recharging.
  10. Easy Operation: User-friendly interface and setup, making it simple for riders to secure their motorcycles quickly and efficiently.

Final Solution Summary

The developed concept uniquely combines anti-angle grinder materials with practical design, featuring a specially engineered shackle that fits snugly over the rear of most motorcycle tyres, allowing it to be anchored securely in place.

This system innovates using vacuum suction to anchor your ride to porous road surfaces. Additionally, the Motolink app guides riders to safe parking spots, enabling them to park their motorcycles with confidence and peace of mind, knowing their vehicle is secured.

Thanks to Hiplok, Bennetts Bike Social, John Milbank, Squire, Sold Secure – MLA and Grabo for their assistance and expert contributions to the project development.

The motorcycle can be rolled onto the suction plate and the weight from the rear end aids in initial suction and protects the chamber from attacks as cutting would require defeating the alloy. The shackle is pivoted and secured at a set height that best suits the motorcycle’s spokes to give the user adaptability for various motorcycle types. This has been tested up to a 240/45/17 rear tyre which is one of the largest commercially available sizes.

Identity & Branding

Bringing a new product to this market requires a name that denotes the Motorcycle focus and the USP of the product to tether the bike to the ground. Motolink conveys both the products functional aim and the overall UX aimed to aid riders in their day to day riding.
Establishing strong core values and the audience into the aesthetic, CMF and accessories.Use of accent colours and focus on motorcycle culture resonated well in user testing and made the product feel more motorcycle centric as opposed to broader Bicycle and Motorcycle products.

Other Projects

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Pari is a student assistant designed to help new university students get back in touch with their emotions, activity levels and social interactions. The haptic and sensory hub allows tangible inputs that guide the UI to provide thoughtful experiences and activities to students who may feel lonely or want to try something new. 3rd Place in Panasonic Design Sprint.
Mondo is a smart internet of things enabled portafilter designed to rethink the way portafilters work and help baristas. Engaging key metrics and thoughtful guidance to help the learning experience of new and seasoned baristas. Accompanied by a wider UX that allows tracking and notes from experiments and recipes shared by colleagues.
Wacom Keyboard and Phone Holder Widget is designed as a Wacom accessory to aid users of the mobile studio pro with using wireless keyboards on the go and using phones to watch tutorials with their device. This design was developed into an injection mould tool and was produced and presented as manufacturable accessory.
Credo is a Bluetooth speaker designed as part of a brief focused on in-depth analysis of the rugged design language. Designed for use in the outdoors with removable and replaceable protective casings and tactile controls to provide a premium experience to the user.
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