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Hi, I'm Ose - a dedicated designer who thrives on pushing beyond my comfort zone to create unique, unexpected user experiences that lead to meaningful change in users lives.

Final Year Project


Kleio is a product that comes under the Fortuna brand. A wellbeing brand that creates products to bring good fortune to its users. Kleio, the first product under the brand, is named after the Greek muse of history. The word stems from the Greek work ‘to celebrate’, as Kleio is a celebration of the ordinary.

The Problem

As remote and hybrid jobs increase, more people are seeking wellbeing services and the housing crisis worsens less people are able to afford their own spaces. 3.8 million adult children live with their parents; and 1 in 4 London homes have an adult child in the home. This causes strain on some individuals, as they lose independence; their personal space and their identity.

Kleio aims to celebrate these spaces and rooms that were once childhood bedrooms, new spaces or spare rooms. Transforming the spaces into somewhere fit for the individual’s needs.

How does it work?

Through the app, Kleio creates personalised lighting experiences. Mood inputs throughout the day create a unique coloured array, leading to a space fit for your needs. Ambient lighting sensors in the product creates quick, responsive brightness adjustments based on the changing ambient lighting levels existing in the space.

Kleio uses both warm and cool LED lighting to work alongside the user’s needs. For focused work they can switch to the cool 4500K or the 2200K for a more relaxed, restful moment. Both through the app and on the product body the user can override any of the settings. Allowing them to have full control over the Kleio light.


Other Projects

Home: A Look Through the Window

A group project from my study abroad semester at the Politecnico di Milano. We constructed a temporary exhibition themed around different aspects of home. The exhibition allowed visitors to explore and reimagine their own ideas and beliefs around what home means.


A food and photo app that plans meals and takes the lead in the food cooking process for first time parents. The app also has a feature where parents can take photos that respond to prompts that become memory keepsakes.


Diploma of International Studies

For six months I studied Integrated Product Design at the Politecnico di Milano. While there I was able to grow as a designer and as a person. The courses I took, both in product design and other design disciplines, changed how I navigate through my design work. The time away in Milan gave me invaluable life and design skills that will influence my work for years to come.