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My practice explores liminal, barren landscapes and buildings through analogue photography and printmaking processes.

Absence of Presence

Final Project

Throughout this project, I explore various liminal, abandoned, and derelict landscapes using analogue film photography. Many of the derelict buildings within these towns are often overlooked or deemed as ‘ugly’ or ‘eyesores’. I capture these ambiguous structures to provoke discussion and curiosity.

Within my final major project, my primary use of media was medium format/120 film photography. Throughout the project, I exclusively used analogue photography methods, giving me manual control of exposure to produce refined photographs.

A1 cyanotype on cloth
A1 cyanotype on cloth

Using my photography, I produced large-scale cyanotypes on a variety of materials, the examples above being on calico cloth. These cyanotypes abstracted my subject matter and allowed me to take a more painterly approach to this body of work.

Taking my photographs on Kodak 120 film allowed me to pause these compositions in time, as if they were taken several decades ago. The towns I photograph consist of repetitive 60s and 70s era architecture, so I felt this pause was relevant.