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I enjoy working from literature and history to influence my work.


About The Work

My work focuses on experience. In this project it is the experience of living in a technological age, surrounded by media which presents tragedy alongside trivial bemusement.

The theme is “Threat”, which has been represented with scale, creating an immersive experience for those standing and peering into the works detail.

In The Last Supper, the room has been swapped from The Cenacle to a wedding venue (where I used to work), this shows the paradox of balancing personal domestic issues with existential dread which I feel represents a large aspect of the technological age.

The work provides no answer to the threat only a depiction of it’s presence throughout human history, the work serves as more of a comfort in that respect, than an escape from personal and global problems.

However, instead of focusing on introspection and the emotion that is overwhelming in the presence of threat. The work references environmental issues and the shift in civilisations relationship with nature using a deer head for Jesus. Reimaging the metaphors used to show the fall of pagan gods and the rise of Christianity.

Saint Sebastian