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Hi, I'm Rosie, a designer dedicated to creating solutions for unmet user needs. I have a particular passion for FemTech and medical device design.

Thea: soothing life’s tender moments

Thea is the solution for breastfeeding pain.

71% of breastfeeding mothers encounter discomfort from breastfeeding and their needs are currently unmet by the FemTech market. Thea aims to ease this pain and encourage more women to breastfeed their baby up to the recommended 6-month mark. Less than 1% of babies are exclusively breastfed to this point.

Thea sits over the breast, beneath clothing and provides immediate relief to the breast through temperature change. Thea prides itself on discretion, convenience and portability and can be used whenever the mother needs.

The internals

Thea provides heat or coldness to the whole breast. A flexible thermoelectric component cools the aluminium surface that touches the skin and a flexible heater will warm it up.

Combining the temperature components ensures all conditions can be soothed and all mothers receive a solution for their discomfort. Thea is easily operated with a power button and respective temperature controls. Embossed icons on the buttons provide easier location under clothing and the colours of the controls help users to initially understand function.

Thea is designed to be flexible for each specific pain need and support all mothers who suffer.


Other work


2024: Loughborough University Live Projects – 3rd Place

2023: Diploma in Professional Studies

2021: Starpack Awards – Silver award

Year in Industry

Junior Designer in the Creative Team at Unilever