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I have a passion for the outdoors and adventures, I am looking to bring this into my designs by exploring untouched areas while interacting with natural products.

Industrial Design Major Project Loughborough

Customisable Ski Crampons for Ski Touring

Ski touring is the process of walking up a mountain using your skis with specially designed skins that stick to the base of your skis. Currently applying and removing the skins is a very time consuming and labour intensive process.

My design is a compact crampon system that allows you to customise your crampons for your desired snow conditions, giving you more confidence on the mountain and simplifying the process.

Key Features:

The heel piece has a magnetic heel that attaches to the sole of the boot which contains an embedded steel plate.

There are multiple side pods that have different sized crampons that can be removed and changed for changing snow conditions.

The front bar has a centering piece which keeps it centred on any width of ski.

Study Abroad in Montreal

Canada Post Local Delivery Robot

This is a project working on the development of automated robots in distribution.

My project focused on Canada Post in Montreal, creating a fleet of local delivery robots.

They have different sized individual lockers for each parcel.

The lockers can be unlocked via an app which tell you when your order has arrived.

Big Wave Surfing Buoyancy and Protection Vest

This project was focused on creating a Tech Pack for a protective vest.

My chosen area was big wave surfing, they have buoyancy vest that keep you afloat in a wipeout, but they don’t offer any protection.

My design incorporates the use of the airbags for buoyancy in protective zones such as the back, head and neck.

When the airbags are activated by a pressure sensor, the airbags deploy, inflating the spinal bag, chest bag, and neck/head protector.

These offer protection on the chosen areas, while also giving the surfer buoyancy bringing them back to the surface.

Tech Pack

Other Work at Home

Handmade Brown Oak Desktop
Designed with a live edge and a green epoxy inlay
Wall Mounted Bike Rack with storage made from Walnut
Bent laminated Hanging Chair made from Ash
Double Muskoka Chair made from Red Cedar. Redesigned by me from a single chair into a double