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Alternative, darkroom photographer engaging with theories of Space, Time and Matter and the materiality of photography.

My practice seeks to capture an event on the boundary of the visible and the invisible to the human eye. This event is made up from the theory of ‘space-time-mattering’ by Karen Barad, arguing that every event is made up through an infinite sum of previous happenings, affecting every following event. (Barad, 2017) I depict this through the channel of something else: water and light. These two elements are the key to existence and act as metaphors for this transfer of energy. Exposed using a polaroid flash camera as well as filming the exposures, my work presents three connected yet unique images of the same event.

The works

Each work is totally unique due to the nature of its creation following a photogram technique. In this body of work, the prints were created using black and white paper and chemistry, that through a manipulation of process, have revealed themselves as coloured prints.

open field I

whispered I
open field II
open field III
whispered II

The colours

Created using video stills from the exposure, motion blurred together. These works form the third image from each event captured.

Journey to the Degree Show

The base of my artistic inspiration lies in the sheer beauty of nature, where I always retreat to in times of need. My appreciation of life and all that surrounds me alongside my deep understanding of my medium allows me to work intuitively in the darkroom, revealing these photographs from under the surface.