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In my mixed media practice, I intricately weave urban experiences through photo-transfer, painting and textural manipulation. Through sensory-rich compositions, I invite viewers to traverse the dynamic landscapes of memory, imagination, and reality, exploring the multifaceted layers of the city experience.

Mind The Gap

“Mind the Gap” refers to the process of understanding and breaking down complex and multifaceted situations or experiences where various elements intersect or converge within an urban setting. Navigating through urban environments the intersections of physical streets as well as the intersections of different cultures, experiences and challenges within the city environment.

Through visual maps of my emotional journey and purposeful wandering in the city, I intricately capture the dynamic and multifaceted nature of urban life guided by psychogeography. Utilizing mixed media techniques, I convey the sensory richness of the cityscape, emphasizing sights, sounds, and textures. My art weaves personal narratives, drawing from psychogeographic exploration, intertwining interconnected stories of urban experience. Moreover, community engagement enriches my work by incorporating collective urban experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and representation of city life within the framework of psychogeography.

Journey To The Show

During the build-up to the Degree Show, I created my final works using processes and techniques refined over the past four years. My mixed media practice captures urban experiences through image transfer, painting, and textural manipulation, depicting the city’s multifaceted layers. My sensory-rich compositions invite viewers to traverse intersecting landscapes of memory, imagination, and reality.

Work Experience

The Berry Creative Production Studio – Production Assistant and Assistant Producer

As a production assistant, I worked both in the office and on various shoots, collaborating with teams like Porsche and Chelsea Football Club. For Porsche, I helped produce visual content for their 75th anniversary, and for Chelsea, I supported the kit reveal production, coordinating logistics and assisting the creative team.