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A graphic design student from Derby who specialises in illustration and animation. I have a keen interest in film and visual storytelling, with a passion for character, environment and narrative design. For more of my work check out my Instagram!

The Dog Days are Over

One of my final semester 2 projects. This is an animation on the importance of music in helping with grief, and my personal story of how I connect music with my own loss.

Give Me Space

A decision-based video game which shows players the value of appropriately supporting loved ones who are grieving, whilst teaching them the importance of boundaries and appropriate responses.

The game follows your friend Josh, who has just lost his brother and is beginning the grieving process, however, he needs your help to process the loss carefully and effectively. As his best friend, your decisions are vital in supporting him through this time, as you encounter numerous scenarios and events to choose the best decisions to find the correct balance of providing support and giving him space. 

Lone Wolf expressions
Character Designs
Gameplay Example
Scenario 1: The Park- Level Design

Letterboxd Lens

A conceptual extension of the film focused website and app. A new place for cinephiles and film enjoying audiences to learn more about the culture and history behind their favourite films. An extension on the current website Letterboxd, intended to promote cultural education using the films people know and love as a launching point into further cultural exploration.

These were illustrative poster designs created as a place for audiences to discover the app and the new conceptual feature. They mix the films with their respective cultures, such as the true story which inspired Rocky or the jazz scene in La La Land. From there they could access a new educational platform from the website or app to learn more about the different cultures behind their favourite films.