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What is better than beautiful illustrations? Beautiful *palpable* illustrations!

In my recent work, I have found a love for analogue print techniques (mixing touch with complex feelings) and bringing my stories to life through sweet, loveable characters.

Finding my Spark

A simple question to answer for all children out there – we’ve all had amazing dreams and imaginary worlds growing up!

In my process, I tried binding my own book and working out the signatures. It was a lengthy process to say the least, but the more problems I faced, the more fascinated I became.

Now, I can’t wait to see what other stories I can print out and bring to life.

The book will be available for viewing at the Degree Show!

the LoST GooSE

As a society we agreed on different conventions like OK being an OK answer to any phrase or question, uncommon idioms like ‘the elephant in the room’ (as if anyone has seen an elephant stuffed in a room) or being a ‘silly goose’, or what ASD might look like. A lot of the times there are exceptions that don’t fit in any boxes, so where do they really fit?

A lot of women live into their 30s and 40s without being diagnosed with neurodivergent conditions (such as Autism), while still experiencing the struggles. The Lost Goose zine helps women identify potential autistic traits in themselves and crack down on the masking.

This is to all the women out there who have been told that they’re just a ‘silly goose’ sometimes, when it’s just the amazing way their brain works.

The solution was to bring awareness to young women and their peers. To tackle it, I have devised a 3-stage plan that would raise interest by stirring the audiences curiosity… and what better way to do that, than with a loveable cheeky goose!

With every sticker, zine and badge left around, the GooSE becomes more and more visible, breaking down on the silence and stigma around neurodivergent women.