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I am an aspiring creative with a particular interest in illustration, campaign and experience design.

The Small Round Pug

The Small Round Pug is a picture book which educates new pug owners about the possible health issues that their pets may face throughout their lifetime. It touches on the specific problems and how to prevent them through playful illustrations and a short rhyming story.

The Penguin Book Cover Competition

The Children’s Book competition brief consisted of a redesign of ‘The City of Stolen Magic’, written by Nazeen Ahmed Pathak about a young girl from India with powerful magical powers who embarks on a dark adventure to save her mother after she’d been kidnapped and taken to London.

Wall’s Mural Installation

The six mural panels of the installation chronicle the century-long history between Walls and the British public, each representing a different era. From these panels, small kiosks emerge, offering retro Walls ice cream in era-appropriate packaging. Calculated from 1930s price lists and adjusted for inflation, each ice cream costs just 25-75p! This installation will tour the country, popping up in city centres and parks, providing a perfect opportunity for families to enjoy a fun, affordable day out with nostalgic ice cream treats. Targeted at parents with young children affected by the cost-of-living crisis, this initiative offers budget-friendly summer experiences for the whole family.