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I'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer excited to make a start in the creative industry. My work explores branding and identity design, along with expanding my passion for UX/UI and motion graphics - or any way to bring my designs to life.

Final project


An otherworldly wellness experience

Ephyra is an alternative wellness retreat and skincare product range, offering treatments that make use of the potent natural powers of bioluminescent algae and seawater. Named after one of the fifty Nereids, Greek mythological sea nymphs – symbolising everything that is beautiful about the sea. Primarily aimed at young professionals living in busy urban areas, entering a new fast paced work environment – leading them to be at a higher risk of burnout. Through the core belief “skincare as self care”, the Ephyra Retreat aims to regenerate mental and physical health from urban life stressors – whether that being work related stress or air pollution’s negative impact on the skin.

D&AD New Blood – group project

Airbnb Action

Ignite meaningful IRl connections through Airbnb, do good to feel good

Airbnb Action aims to tackle the growing Gen Z loneliness epidemic by offering homebodies and travellers alike the possibility to take part in volunteering anytime, anywhere. By breaking down existing barriers that might stop young people from getting involved in volunteering activities, Airbnb Action sparks meaningful connections through acts of kindness – proven to improve feelings of loneliness.

This project was produced in collaboration with Georgia Smith, we worked together on redesigning the app’s UI to incorporate Airbnb Action as a new feature, splitting the production of the visuals and final video evenly.

Other project

Instagram Nova

Digital mindfulness for teens

Social media is an intrinsic part of most teens’ life and that simply cannot be changed. Nova is designed to be a new feature launched on Instagram over Mental Health Awareness week. The interactive feature aims to introduce the idea of digital mindfulness, giving teens a tool to regulate their time spent on the app through mindfulness practices in order to develop a healthier relationship with social media. The feature includes a set of pop ups to help the user become aware of unhealthy scrolling habits, suggesting activities to help break the vicious cycle of social media addiction.

Work experience

2022-2023 Visual Communication Designer at Unilever R&D, Beauty & Wellbeing Packaging