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Specialising in design for Manufacture, I enjoy turning concepts into real world prototypes and products, please feel free to get in touch.

The average Power Tool gets used for 10 Minutes in its life, Why do we own so many?

The consumer power tool industry is an ever growing market with 28 million do-it-yourselfers in the UK alone. Professional grade power tools are designed to withstand heavy daily use however on average only get used for 10 minutes in their life. This results in unnecessary costs for the consumer and crucially an unsustainable relationship we have with our tools.

A modular range of cordless power tools with interchangeable heads, using one motor to drive an ever growing range of tools. Reconsidering the way in which the power tool industry caters for the non-professional market.
Shows the Drill in its intended context
Showing the Impact Driver in its intended context

Prototyping & User Testing

Other Projects

3D Print Optimised Bike Lights- Designing a set of Front and Rear Bike Lights for FDM Printing. The picture is showing all of the Prototypes undertaken throughout the design process from V1 to V8.
AeroPress Coffee Machine- Producing a prototype for a coffee machine using an AeroPress Plunger. The design was intended to be optimised for manufacture, mixing standardised components with manufacturable parts.
Wildlife Safe Street Lighting- Creating a set of Street Lights intended to minimise the effect on birds Circadian Rhythm by use of amber LED lighting and reflectors designed to reduce light pollution.
3d Print Optimised Bike Lights- Shows the Final Prototype with the lights attached, the design uses a single part mounting clamp designed to be attached to the seat post and handlebars of the bike.
AeroPress Coffee Machine Prototype- Shows the final Prototype for the Coffee Machine, achieving full functionality with a Zeroing feature that resets the plunger in case of power cuts or failure.
Wildlife Safe Street Lighting- The project was awarded with Second Place in the Holophane Design Week brief. The Light includes a adjustable and removable birds nest atop the post.

Work Experience and Awards

Product Design Engineer Placement at Jenx Ltd. (October 2022-September 2023)

Second Place in Holophane Design Week Brief 2024