Improve your workflow, switch your tools with ease.

Many creative professionals face ergonomic strain and workflow disruptions from constantly switching between Photoshop tools using keyboard shortcuts. This not only leads to discomfort and potential repetitive strain injuries but also breaks concentration and reduces efficiency.

ArtFlow is an ergonomic, handheld device designed to alleviate these issues by allowing users to switch tools effortlessly. With customizable buttons and a comfortable fit to the hand, this product is designed to reduce strain and enhance productivity. By minimizing the reliance on keyboard shortcuts, the ArtFlow ensures a smoother, more efficient, and healthier working experience.

The buttons feature textures for easy distinction during use.

Curved body follows the shape of the palm for a comfortable fit.

Past Projects

Further Creative Work

Outside of Product Design, I have spent years crafting in various types of costuming. These skills helped launch my business where I take commissions for various costume types. This has helped build practical skills in:

3D sculpt modelling

Patterning using traditional styles and close body tape patterning

Hand and machine sewing with a wide range of fabrics

Vector creation for bespoke fabric and vinyl cutting

Airbrushing and fine detailing