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A designer with a keen interest in innovation, packaging and branding design, blending creativity and functionality to craft solutions that elevate brands and captivate consumers.

Around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. Introducing Ovus.


A Menstrual Pain Relief Wearable

Redefining menstrual pain relief for women. Ovus wearable technology seamlessly integrates into your life, offering targeted relief when you need it.

Combining TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation) and heating technologies to provide effective relief from menstrual discomfort. The rechargeable devices fit into specially designed underwear to offer discrete on-the-go relief!

2-in-1 Pain Relief Technology

TENS technology utilises electrical impulses to flood the nervous system, reducing it’s ability to transmit signals to the brain. These impulses also stimulate endorphin production to reduce pain perception.

The impulses are delivered through replaceable sticky electrodes which attach to the TENS unit and adhere to the abdomen skin. As TENS technology works best when used during activity, Ovus is the ideal solution for tackling menstrual pain on-the-move!

The Ovus heating unit is designed to deliver pain relief to the lower back, a common area for deferred menstrual pain. The heating pad helps relax muscles by increasing blood flow and oxygen levels to the affected area.

The increase in blood flow provides an analgesic effect on the skin, altering pain perception and providing relief. The heat is delivered through a padded fabric backing, providing gentle comfort to the user’s skin during pain relief.

The Ovus App

Customised Pain Relief Control

The Ovus App provides users with complete control over their menstrual pain relief. The app connects to the user’s TENS and Heat units via Bluetooth connection.

The home section of the app allows users to explore articles related to menstrual pain, learn about menstrual related conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS and to explore the Ovus community pages.

The app gives user’s customisable control over the intensity and time settings for their TENS and Heat units, as well as offering pre-made programmes for exploring varied pain relief.

Users can track their menstrual pain on their profile and set themself personalised goals. The Ovus app allows users to connect with other Ovus users to create new conversations, increasing awareness and support around menstrual pain!

Inclusive Design

Underwear Available in a Variety of Sizes & Skin Tones

The Ovus TENS and Heat Units are designed to attach into custom designed underwear. The underwear is available in sizes XS to XL and in a range of colours to compliment all skin tones.

The attachable units snap in place using poppers positioned inside the underwear. Users can easily detach the units for recharging and the underwear is washed and ready for reuse.

The Branding of Ovus

Creating the Brand Style Guide
Designing Branded Packaging
Ensuring the Final Prototype Captures the Brand

Live Projects

The Problem:

A design brief set by FSW Design: “Design a powered air filtering product which improves air quality within a context of your choosing”.

The Outcome:

AssistAir – a powered air filtering product by Sally Beauty designed for integrated use in nail salons by nail technicians.

Nail Salon Air Purifier
Exploded Product View
Product Key Features

My Placement Year

Junior Designer, Signet

For my placement year, I worked as a Junior Designer at Signet, a company who specialise in providing unique solutions to merchandise branding, enhancing promotional product appeal, the manufacture of bottle embellishments and creation of luxury packaging solutions.

During my placement year the skills developed on my course were further enhanced and put into practice in a commercial environment. These skills include designing with Illustrator, 3D modelling with Solidworks, rendering with Keyshot, designing for manufacture and assembly, and experience working with and presenting to clients.