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Hi, I'm Josh.
I am a versatile product designer who is interested in a wide range of design fields, including sustainability, innovation and medical design.


A hand-held diagnostic tool for stress fracture detection

Osto is a portable, handheld tool that can identify a suspected stress fracture within athletes who are at an elevated risk.

  • Stress fractures represent 10-20% of all injuries in sports medicine
  • 21% of stress fractures are season ending injuries and 22% of them are recurrent injuries.
  • If stress fractures are left untreated, it can lead to complete bone failure and non-union of fracture healing.

The process of diagnosis is time-consuming, often requires many diagnosis attempts and appointments with medical staff. Misdiagnosis can also take place. There are existing methods that are used to diagnose stress fractures. However, due to problems including; lack of availability, unreliability and inducing an ionising radiation dose, the process of diagnosis is often frustrating for the injured. The device aims to empower at-risk athletes in improving the speed and cost of the diagnosis of a stress fracture.

The rechargeable device, designed for personal and shared use, inspired by emerging research uses a compact narrowband monopole antenna to detect small fractures in bones. The antenna is low cost, non-invasive, and produces no ionising radiation.

Users are guided though the scanning process with the help of a pulsing LED ring, haptic feedback and in-app instructions.

Through comparing the scanned result to a healthy scan, presence and length of fractures can be identified.


A simulative prototype was developed to gather user insights.
By designing and manufacturing a PCB, the electronics are able to be stored within the prototype and it is able to be used wirelessly, enabling user testing. Snap fits allow parts to be interchanged and provide access to the electronics as the prototype developed.
Through removing the microprocessor from the Arduino and installing it onto a custom designed PCB, the internal prototype electronics have a smaller footprint.

Live Project

This week long project aimed to provide help to remote workers who suffer with and are at risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The proposal uses a combination of short burst, intense light therapy and a circadian rhythm mimicking ‘sun’ light that rises and falls as the time progresses.


This fully automated AeroPress coffee machine serves variable strength coffee’s according the users liking, adjusting brewing times and volume of grounds dispensed. Inspired by FDM 3D printers, the coffee machine is minimalist and robust.


Diploma of Professional Studies

Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

Work Experience

54 Week internship with Diageo Innovation R&D:

Initial concept development and prototyping for novel packaging and sustainable solutions; fuelling a pipeline of breakthrough innovations through in-house rapid prototyping, model fabrication, and rendering.