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I navigate the intricate interplay between visual and auditory realms, immersing myself in the ability to manipulate light, sound and imagery.

Final Project

‘Accessibility, connectivity, overload’

My final project explores the relationship between oneself and their perception of reality. It is through the combination of light, sound and moving image where I aim to alter conventional perceptions of reality, immersing the viewer in an experiential journey that challenges the understanding of the continually evolving technology of the modern world. My work is a conduit for introspection through surrealness, the uncanny and inexplainable emotions frequently encountered with human-technology relationships. My three video projections titled Accessibility, connectivity and information overload capture aspects of technology use that can contribute to negative effects on mental health, for example addiction, loss of reality and anxiety.

selection of images used to create my videos.

Journey to the Show

Through the journey to my exhibition I experimented with various photography techniques to capture a balance between chaotic and calming visuals to represent the alternating perspectives on technology, settling on long exposure as the most successful way to provoke an emotional response.

Previous Works