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My practice explores the movement and fluidity of colour. It has transformed from ink drawings, recording the motion and interactions between colours in water to creating sculptures that freeze this essence.

Journey from Paper to Digital to Sculpture

Recording Movement of Colour

Starting from filming the process of ink travelling on paper. To combat the issue of my presence in the videos as the artist, I moved to creating stop motion animations to capture the movement and interactions of the colours seamlessly, to appear as if the liquids were moving by themselves.

ink on paper #10, 2023
ink on paper animation, 2023
ink on acetate #1 2023
ink on acetate #5, 2023

Imagining My Work in an Exhibition Setting

Experimentation has been vital in my practice; testing materials such as silicone, clay, expanding foam, transparent water beads and more. Silicone became a key part of my practice as it holds the colour while maintaining a translucent appearance to emulate the water droplets.

Experimenting Different Methods for Freezing Movement of Colour

Vacuum Forming

Working pieces that are featured in the full installation of my work. These are a selection of the silicone and latex works I have been creating using vacuum forms. These forms represent the frozen motion of colour.