Mindwaves brings the positive benefits of music to men’s mental health issues. The project combines OOH campaigning and event design (concerts). Audiences will read men’s mental health stories, whilst listening on phones to music – that either helped individuals through a difficult period of their life, or was significant to them and their mental health. 

The concerts (Mindwaves Hyde Park), partner with multiple male artists that promote mental health. Despite these being aimed at men, they are open to anyone. Where a man’s partner realises mental health intervention is needed, the concerts could be a good place for this to be addressed – leading the man pursuing mental health help. Mindwaves Hyde Park will allow men to understand that they’re not alone in their personal mental health struggles.

Bumble Plot – D&AD

Bumble emphasises the message that women make the first move in order to feel empowered. However, a large problem that the brand still faces is women being afraid to make contact first – rather than taking this concept in their stride and using it as an opportunity.

These survey responses: ‘we have to make the first move’, ‘Bumble is an excuse for men to be p*ssies’ – sparked my creativity and inspired me to create Bumble Plot.

Be the director of your own plot.

A campaign that focuses on ‘doing it for the plot’. Bumble Plot will revert the emphasis of the narrative back to empowering women, rather than the action of messaging first, being seen as a daunting task. One message has the power to change the narrative of your story. Bumble Plot will use language that appeals to a diverse range of daters – those looking for their ‘happily every after’, through to those looking for some short-term fun! There are also opportunities to win free dates, planned and paid for by Bumble!

Pocket Coeliac

The Pocket Coeliac app acts as a tool to help bridge the gap between a coeliac diagnosis and living the rest of your life. It encourages community-building and provides access to useful resources and services – all in one place.

Work Experience

Right Angle Creative Branding & Marketing Design2022-2023

Assistant Head of Design for ‘Label’ Magazine, Loughborough University2020-2021

Freelance Graphic Designer 2018-2022