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Hello, I'm Jemima! I'm a multidisciplinary designer striving to make an impact on society's visual landscape with a unique and creative approach.

Smelly Button

Despite its importance, 66% of 18-34 year-olds neglect proper belly button hygiene. Whether it’s ‘Omphalophobia’ or plain old forgetfulness, this lack of attention leads to issues like yeast infections, foul odours, and ‘omphalolithus.’ It’s crucial to address this oversight to prevent potential health risks and maintain personal well-being.

Omphalophobia – “is the phobia of Belly Buttons”

Omphalolithus– “is an underdiagnosed entity and caused by the accumulation of sebum and keratin in the umbilicus”

Smelly Button aims to raise awareness about the significance of belly button hygeine. The brand and its launch campaign targets individuals who may have overlooked this aspect of personal care, ensuring no belly button remains uncared for.


Mac a Mate

A response to the Kraft Mac&Cheese D&AD New Blood brief 2024 with Olivia Goodman

Other Projects…

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Work Experience

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERN: Hartbeeps – Supported the company’s rebranding initiative, developed multi-platform and print marketing materials, created and managed the Head Office TikTok page to enhance online presence, and appointed as a part-time Junior Graphic Designer currently to support creative campaigns. (July 2022 – July 2023)
  • FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Engaged in the production of artwork for artist Jamie Cooke, actively participating in video shoots and contributing to album artwork and motion graphics for promotional purposes.
  • FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Led the creation of a brand kit for a newly established beauty company, including logo design, colour palettes, and typography styles.
  • FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Developed a comprehensive brand kit for ‘Unique Nails,’ including logo design, colour palettes, and typography styles.


  • DPS (Diploma in Professional Studies)