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Acrylic and Oil Painter. Currently investigating the topic of fear through direct experiences and authentic emotions.

Moments and Movements

My practice is an exploration of fear through direct experiences and authentic emotions. To gain an understanding of what fear actually looks like, I carried out an experiment where I was situated in one of my worst circumstances, this allowed me to be scared whilst in possession of a paintbrush. Only the marks on the paper provide the most raw representation of my own fears. During this experience, I had locusts, cockroaches, crickets and mealworms crawling over my body. As I have not been in an environment like this before, my body manoeuvred in ways that I was able to look back on and find interesting. Using the images and videos from this experiment as a guide, my practice has allowed me to explore these emotions upclose, pinpoint exact moments and movements from this experience.

My paintings, screen prints and photo edits are all depicted from my ‘bug experiment’. Enjoy!

Journey to the Show