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Mixed media artist, working on the ideology and sociology between humans and the natural world. Combatting social gender norms with medium and privately studying global issues.

Wire and “Organs”

Contained (2023) chicken wire, expansion foam, polyester fibre, acrylic paint, stocking, 20 wire lights.

The Original Digestive System (2023) chicken wire, polyester fibre, stockings, canvas, acrylic paint.

My work is on different social constructs of life, studying the sociology of humans compared to other living organisms. Through this project I studied an ant colony sociology on how they assist, structor and develop their “society’ and related the colony ecosystem to a humans microbiomes as the stomach acts as our second brain effecting things from productivity via mentality and physicality. My work is to connect human effects to the earth, relating us to other beings so we act more responsibly with the system we have been gifted.

The medium I use is mixed however it mostly involves “trader” products such as expansion filler, hot glue, wire, wood and clay. I used these materials specifically in this work to engage a “worker ant” mentality, however I have been using these materials for a few years now as a combat against a gender norm of tools and appliances being used by tradesmen specifically.

Clay and Ants