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I am a graphic designer with a passion for typography and editorial design. Creating bold, typographic designs with restricted but eye-catching colour palettes is something I love; finding ways to spread information in a way that engages an audience.

‘ERADICATE.’ Magazine

I defined my visual language on two key factors. The first was pathogens, particularly the Covid-19 pathogen, which led to the circular imagery. Furthering this, I took inspiration from spike proteins (the parts that extrude from the pathogen), slowly developing into my work, creating a rigid and linear structure.

Secondly, I researched existing media regarding health and medical advice such as NHS posters and the Covid-19 briefing lecterns. From this I decided on a colour palette of black and white for contrast. Yellow is globally recognised as a colour of warning, its contrast to the black creates an eye-catching and impactful design.

Delivery Packaging

Taking inspiration from a Covid-19 home testing kit, I developed a design where the magazine is delivered in a mailing box and wrapped in a sachet-type material – as found within the test boxes.

ERADICATE Bespoke Typeface Design

Following the creation of ‘ERADICATE.’ and my love for typography, I created a bespoke display typeface.

The typeface takes inspiration from the visual language of the magazine, such as rounded corners to communicate the circular imagery found throughout the magazine, but in synergy with with sharp edges that create a more impactful feel to the typeface. This generated a bold, eye-catching design that communicates coherently with the visuals of ‘ERADICATE.’

(This project is still under development)