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My work explores home, migration and the bond between a mother and daughter. My practice showcases the feeling of being split between Britain and Bahrain. I invite the viewer through collages that combine complex imagery, textures and Arabic text.


My practice is unique to my own experience, I have incorporated photographs as they are a visual reminder of home. I have used my feelings of displacement from my family who reside in Bahrain, to create touching photographs and personal collages. I experimented with a range of materials and processes, such as paint, sculpture and photography. I created layered collage pieces which are intricate in imagery and meaning, with photographs, weaved material, patterns and maps.  

There is a delicate intimacy in the scale that was communicated further by the softness of the photographs of my daughter and in the precise and well-considered placement of 3D elements within the works. Using mixed media, I developed interesting interconnections, forms and ideas of visual and textual communication as I addressed issues around separation, geographical locations and family. I formed a connection with using warm colours to communicate a feeling for audiences when viewing my work.  

I incorporated 3D elements such as Arabic lettering and golden beads to show the richness of heritage. The 3D elements stand out and their tactility makes the audience want to trace their finger over the work to be both physically and emotionally connected. This creates an immersive experience by enabling audience interaction with the work. 

Journey to the Show

I prioritised my daughter at the very core of my thoughts in my practice. I have a powerfully emotive and unique narrative at the heart of my work. I captured high quality photographs of me and my daughter’s hands to convey the strong bond between us. My photos reflect our personal touch; the Arabic calligraphy in the palm of my hands illustrates the sensitivity, delicacy and unconditional love. The use of Arabic text transcends the viewer back to our heritage. I am transporting the viewer on a journey through manipulated photographs alongside 3D Arabic golden letters. These letters show my thoughts, they have a deep meaning and resonance to me. 

Collaging newspapers and golden beads onto wooden boards

A close-up photograph showing my daughter’s hand placed in mine


Outstanding Academic Achievement in Fine Art

Art and Design Foundation Diploma

Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Work Experience

Freelance Artist

KS3, GCSE and A Level Art Tutor