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Hello, I am a highly motivated and sociable individual with a passion for Sports Media and Marketing as well as Fashion. I am eager to break into the Sports or Fashion branding industry.

London Broncos Rebrand

The Rebrand

The London Broncos, a Rugby League club recently promoted into the top league in the country (The Super League), are navigating a sport struggling to maintain relevance in the UK. Competitors in the league have rebranded in an attempt to combat this, the London Broncos are yet to follow suit. To attract new fans and energise existing ones, the club requires a rebrand that helps them stand out in the sports industry and grow the game in the South. 

I accomplished this primarily by addressing the gaps in the current branding, by creating a modernised logo and cohesive visual identity. Additionally, I developed interactive visuals such as; voting for Player of the Match and Player of the Month, to foster stronger connections between the fans and the club. The production of story telling posts also helps connecting fans with players and their stories – building excitement for games.

New logo design
Building buzz (game day): stadium signage
Building buzz (game day): stadium signage
Fan engagement: interactive stories