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I am a creative professional with two years experience in graphic design, illustration, animation, branding and marketing strategy. Proficient in Adobe Suite and 3D design software, I deliver captivating, strategic visuals that effectively convey ideas and enhance brand identities.

D&AD NANDO’S GO-TO РCampaign Project

Animation, Motion Design and Illustration



Throughout this project, I explored a range of illustration styles to capture Nando’s brand identity, while infusing my own bold and bright aesthetic. After experimenting with different approaches, I settled on a sketchy, rough animation style that I feel confidently fits the brief and the brand. This project was a valuable learning experience, allowing me to delve into new art styles and enhance my motion graphics with creative transitions and mixed-media techniques. By balancing Nando’s established identity with my unique creative flair, I was able to produce work that is both authentic to the brand and visually striking.

PEAR UP – Cider Project

Discover an innovative twist on cider with PEAR UP, a customisable brand that invites customers to craft and combine their own unique flavours. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, PEAR UP CIDER transforms ordinary moments into memorable experiences – allowing everyone to enjoy a personalised and refreshing drink.

PORTFOLIO LINK: https://hafsahahmed2279f3.myportfolio.com/


Branding and Illustration

The SHUJAE (brave) X NIKE Campaign aims to speak on the controversy and stigma surrounding the hijab and modest wear in the sports industry. Women should not have to compromise their religious beliefs or feel uneasy about dressing modestly while engaging in sports. By shedding a light on this issue the SHUJAE X NIKE Campaign not only educates those unfamiliar with the hijab and its challenges, but also serves as an opportunity to empower women who feel marginalised in the sports industry. 

Through engaging visuals, animations, social media posts and strategic branding/marketing, SHUJAE X NIKE serves its purpose of being a voice for these women.

ANIMATION LINK: https://youtu.be/o3lAr6VG1d0

PORTFOLIO LINK: https://hafsahahmed2279f3.myportfolio.com/