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I am passionate about storytelling and visually bringing characters to life through imagination and creativity. My interests lie in animation, illustration, and storyboard design.

Gee & Friends build a Bug Hotel for Wildlife Trust

Gee & Friends is a fun, short animation and campaign encouraging children from 7-12 to get involved with nature by building Bug hotels.

This was a personal project where I aimed to focus on the topic of Garden Rewilding, it’s estimated that gardens in Britain cover an area more than twice as large as all of our national nature reserves. With over half of our species in decline in Britain, and one in seven heading towards extinction, that space matters.

For this animation, I focused on storyboard and character design. I chose six scenes from the storyboard to animate, which helps to visualise the overall animation better.

The objective is to stimulate children’s imagination by integrating storytelling and character development into DIY projects. By fostering creativity, these projects become pieces that are rewarding for both children and the species inhabiting the bug hotels.

Storyboard design

Character designs and turn around

Pair up, Spice up at Nando’s.

‘Pair up, Spice up’ is a short animation campaign created for the D&AD New Blood competition which aims at Gen Z to eat out at Nando’s.

Many young couples enjoy exploring different restaurants, drawn to the excitement of new trends and experiences. However, the cost of these outings can add up quickly.

Nando’s, for instance, offers both affordability and comfort, making it a compelling option for young daters.
This will aim to show young people Nando’s is the place to be.

City of Stolen Magic Cover

City of Stolen Magic dives into an imaginative story about Chompa, a rural Indian girl who travels to East London to save her captured mother. 

The brief of this competition by Penguin Books asks to design an exciting cover look for this magical story filled with multiple layers of detail, drama and incredible characters in a truly multicultural Victorian London.