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A graphic designer with a focus on brand identity, advertising, packaging and problem solving with innovative solutions.

Project one

365 | BrandOpus ’24

The Problem

Britain has a cider heritage which differentiates it from any other country. However, with so many brands all following familiar rules and conventions, cider can feel predictable and has lost its connection with the natural environment.

The Insights

October is the national cider month, but typically consumed when the sun shines, cider is portrayed as a summer drink. British farming represents over 25% of the UK food waste. As main advocates of this issue, fruit and vegetables account for over a third of this total, apples alone accounting for 10-15% of all commercially grown fruit and vegetable waste.

The Solution

Breaking mainstream conventions and appealing to occasions all year-round, 365 cider harmonises traditional apple flavours with seasonal fruit surplus from British farms. Creating limited flavour fusions to represent each season, it forms a connection with British produce and tackles the long-term goal of reducing food waste in the UK.

Project two

Lekker Level | D&AD New Blood ’24

The Problem

Living in a hyperconnected world, under 25s spread more time digitally connected and less time interacting in person. Revealed as the loneliest generation, this leaves many feeling disconnected and so are looking for ways to strengthen relationships through physical presence.

The Insights

Nando’s provides a unique dining experience where customers can socialise and have a good time while enjoying the flavours and warm hospitality of South Africa. Wanting more than just hunger satisfaction; under 25s view eating out as a shared event and look to create memories and moments of connection.

The Solution

A Nando’s initiated interactive campaign which provides under 25s with exclusive opportunities to level up their group restaurant experiences and strengthen relationships with friends in physical presence.

How it works.

Feeding digital into physical experiences, we harness under 25s curiosity, instigating audience participation through presenting a scannable iteration of the Nando’s chilli in each of our pop-up activations.

Step 1:

Spot an iconic Nando’s chilli pop-up activation.

Step 2:

Scan the hidden QR code to receive your group invitation.

Step 3:

As a group, visit one of our restaurants and unlock an exclusive restaurant experience.

Using Nando’s social platforms, we further activate Lekker Level. Using cryptic messages we hint towards our latest drop.
Audiences can share their experiences through the Nando’s app. Uploading their photos and selecting their restaurant, they can view Lekker moments throughout the UK.

Project three

ReColour | Self-initiated project

The Problem

Colour is extensively used in education; this can create a barrier to learning for those with colour-blind vision. Putting them at a disadvantage from an early age, it causes confusion and challenges which impacts a child’s development and confidence.

The Insights

Colour blindness affects 1 in 12 boys and 1 in 200 girls. In education issues can arise as teachers aren’t trained how to identify and support CVD pupils. In addition, parents are unaware that colour vision is no longer screened for with a child’s eye test.

The Solution

ReColour is an accessible colour identity brand. We create resources and products that can help parents and teachers support children with colour vision deficiency. With an app platform, we share information in a clear and playful format to help increase CVD awareness and promote early detection. 

Work Experience:

July 2022 – August 2023 | Visual Merchandiser Intern

During my placement year I spent 13 months working as a Visual Merchandiser for L’Oréal Paris. Responsible for the in-store execution of haircare and mens categories, I managed the design and implementation of both promotional POS and permanent fixtures across different retailers for two major L’Oréal Paris launches, Elvive Bond Repair and Men Expert Power Age.

August 2023 – November 2023 | Freelance Designer

Working as a freelance designer for Dimension, I assisted the 2D design team on various projects, editing and creating artwork when required.