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Welcome to my page! As a creative who specialises in 3D art and illustration, I design to highlight minority community experiences and to solve issues in a meaningful and approachable way.


In collaboration with Amy Calladine and Freyja John, Spellbound is a series of themed activity packs designed for children aged 5-7, aiming to help parents/caregivers provide engaging activities without resorting to a tablet or mobile screen.

Spellbound encourages children to be mindful of their surroundings, to use their imagination in times of boredom and helps them with developing their motor skills.

3D Mock Ups

Spellbound also offers a variety of satchels in various colours for children to easily carry their packs in, whether they’re at home, in the car or outside in the garden.

These packs consist of several sheets, one side with the activity for the child and the other side with additional information for the caregivers to help encourage the activity.

We Find Our Home

An independent zine for an original Role-Playing Game that serves as an introduction to the genre for South Asian diaspora, as a way of connecting with each other and their culture in a peaceful fantasy setting.

This game also caters to seasoned RPG players who seek non-combative storytelling, those who may be in a difficult place and are trying to find some peace in a safe environment.

Players are given a setting of rebuilding a city into their home and have multiple character roles and skills to choose from that can help them progress.

The aim of this game is not a matter of winning or reconstructing the entire city in a single session, but to create bonds with each other and move forward from the past that may have hurt player characters.

Players can use the blank character sheets to construct their characters, their backstories and their relationships.


Tackle the Twister

A guerrilla marketing campaign entry for the 2024 D&AD New Blood Awards. Introduced by a merge of live video and 3D animation that was made in a group with Daniel Wilson, #tacklethetwister seeks to reintroduce the ice cream brand to Gen Z and bring them together as a community in a lively one-day-only tongue twister challenge.

3D Model Close-Ups