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Hi, I'm Laila, welcome to my page! I enjoy diving into the process of building brands, from developing the strategy, to experimenting with a wide range of mediums, as well as the final creation of packaging.

Pip & Pulp Cider-Cocktails

‘Pip & Pulp’ is a cider-cocktail brand with a focus on three main aspects; providing the drinker with a new, personal experience, ensuring inclusivity, and doing so in a sustainable way.

The direction of this branding and packaging project was inspired by the Brand Opus ‘Cider’ brief. The aim is to ‘make cider the drink you must be seen with’, in order to refresh outdated views on the much adored, traditional drink, and boost the cider market sales that have seen a recent decline.


‘Pip & Pulp’ offers a wide range of cider-cocktails flavours, including options that are sweet, sour, spicy, savoury, floral, or dry, which provides the drinker with a broad choice.

  • Vegan filtration process.
  • Gluten free.
  • Alcohol free versions of each flavour.
  • Budget-friendly alternative to classic cocktails.

A new experience

‘Pip & Pulp’ cider-cocktails offer the drinker an exciting, elevated way to enjoy cider.

One of the main attributes of ‘Pip & Pulp’ is the wonderfully weird characters that represent each of the flavours.

The personal aspect of the brand relies on the character’s different personalities for the drinker to relate to. This builds more meaningful connections to each drinker. This can also inspire people to buy a particular flavour for a friend that reminds them of one of the character’s personalities.


‘Pip & Pulp’ are cautious about their environmental impact, so ensure sustainability in everything they do.

  • Recyclable packaging. Raw cardboard outer carrier, and lightweight aluminium cans.
  • Uses organic, pesticide-free produce that is locally sourced – including wonky fruit!
  • Zero waste policy. Any left over pomace is used as animal feed in local farms or used to make green energy.


‘Pip & Pulp’ has both on-trade and off-trade selling options to maximise sales.



Brand Launch Event

The brand launch event adds to the idea of providing the drinker with a fun experience. The ‘Pip & Pulp’ drinks stall aims to introduce the brand and share the delicious flavours of cider-cocktails at one of the most popular festivals in the UK – Glastonbury. Canned drinks are perfect for this type of event. The stall also features large cut-outs of each character for customers to pose with as a photo opportunity to share on social media. This adds to the idea of building a connection to each individual drinker for a more meaningful and memorable experience.

Interactive Element

Character Quiz

To further explore how to connect to the audience in a personal way, I created a personality quiz that relates directly to one of the characters, which allows people to see which character they are most similar to.

This QR code can be scanned using a phone camera, or click to follow the link for access the quiz.

Give it a go! Which ‘Pip & Pulp’ character are you?

Social Media

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Behind the scenes…

One of my favourite parts of branding and packaging design is the experimentation process. I like to use any materials and new techniques I can think of to create a broad range of styles that can help to inspire new ideas.