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Hi! I am a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for branding, campaign and illustrative design.

Final Project 1: Twister: Bringing The Summer Whatever The Weather

A worldwide guerrilla marketing campaign that positions Twister as no longer just an ice cream exclusively for kids. An OOH experience with real impact, the Twister pop up sports dome is an instagramable delight. Enabling the 16-18 year old target demographic to rediscover their childhood favourite while aligning seamlessly with Unilever’s commitment to ‘market responsibly for children’. Encouraging young adults to get active ‘whatever the weather’. Showcasing the playful personality of Twister and utilising its recognisable colour scheme, the campaign capitalises on teenagers love for freebies to promote Twister and drive social media engagement.

Rain or shine its Twister time!

Final Project 2: Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

A rebrand paired with innovative campaigns to attract different audiences of dog owners to Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens.

For the Family of Five: The family would like to find new educational days out, especially outside. However the family day out would not be complete if it did not include their much loved canine companion.

For the Dog Mum: Easily accessible from the capital the Dog Mum wants to visit dog friendly attractions that enable her to meet like mined people and their four-legged friends in a beautiful setting away from the city.

For the Dog Parents: Hating leaving their dog ‘home alone’; the Dog Parents actively seek secure but interesting locations that all members of the family can enjoy safely, interacting with other visitors from home and away.