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A multidisciplinary designer focusing on branding & visual identity editorial and typographic design. I have a keen interest in discovering new modes of communication and wish to broaden my skillset further within the graphic design industry.

For Our Futures

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty are one of the leading organisations in the fight against the existential threat of climate change. However, they lack a clear unifying symbol like the famous peace sign that the Nuclear Disarmament movement used in the ’60s.

To rectify this a unifying symbol of hope and action that can connect people across the globe is needed. One that can communicate across cultural and language barriers, empowering activists with a powerful piece of communication, creating a powerful icon that is easy to identify and simple to replicate and draw. 


In the digital era we live in enabling us to have the world at our fingertips studies have shown that many young people are becoming increasingly interested in collecting rare and items, and unique experiences.

Lith is a company that takes this newfound interest to heart, offering a unique experience to explore an exceptionally rare natural phenomenon in the UK – Ringing Rock. In our very own Lake District, you can go hiking to experience our ancestors’ oldest natural instrument.