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My aspiration is to design products that are not only safe as a base line, but exceed expectations for usability and improve the health and wellbeing of users.


A self sizing breast pump made to fit you.

Using an inflatable seal and piezo electric micro pump this electric hands free breast pump will size itself to fit you, reducing risk of mastitis and sore nipples while pumping silently.

The pump is made of three parts, the flange, the collection, and the main hub for electronics. Once set up this pump has only two components to sterilise reducing the time for assembly, disassembly and giving back preciouses time to new parents.

Ergonomics and anthropometrics were utilised to make the pump usable with only one hand. User testing proceeded and lead to the addition of a lanyard to aid mothers when switching the breast they want to pump from, whilst holding their baby.

Using formative human factors testing user interactions were streamlined with rapid figma prototypes resulting in crucial design changes to aid usability.

Electronics and mechanics: Coffee machine

In this module we were tasked in teams to automate an AeroPress. We analysing elements of the proposed design though FEA and manual mechanical calculation. Features were automated using a PIC18F45K20 micro controller. We were able to crush coffee beans and dispense them in to the AeroPress with water, a no leak element was added to prevent dripping before the coffee had brewed. This was then followed by plunging the brewed coffee in to the users mug.

Each mug had a RFID tag on the bottom that related to a specific user present that had varying weight of coffee, brew times, and volumes of water.

Computer Aided Modelling and Manufacture

For this module I chose to model a ventilator mask with it’s filters removed. First a scan was taken using an Artec Leo scanner, the mesh was then fixed and reduced for modelling. Using NURBS modelling (Solidworks) a high quality surface model was made of the ventilation mask that could be used for manufacture. File management and adjustability of surfaces for future use were also implemented in this model.

Internet of things

This is a water tester made in my second year to test the pollution levels of water for wild swimmers. Testing would generate a map of polluted areas for wild swimmers to utilise.

The main focus of the project was to produce an aesthetic model to represent the final concept.

Design week

In design week TTP a healthcare product consultancy set the brief:

‘Design a product or system that helps individuals manage a medical condition they are living with’

To address living with asthma and exercising in cold weather this product used small heating elements and a mesh to supply the user with warm moist air to their lungs.

Work experience

Emergo By UL: Human factors testing (placement year)

Mike Coltmans costumes: Theatre and TV prop making

Cokethorpe school D&T dept: CAD technician

JSP safety products: Packaging design and product prototyping dept