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When designing, I'm passionate about creating solutions that are commercially viable. With a focus on sustainability, I endeavour to consider an entire system, not just an isolated product.

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Major Project – Venture Roamer

Other Projects

A few examples of other projects I have completed as part of university assignments or in my free time.

A week long project designing a solution to help sufferers of Eczema treat and relieve their symptoms. Refillable packaging with an easy clean design and medical grade materials aim to increase the longevity and sustainability of the product.

A week long project aimed at reducing the energy used to cook a multiple component meal, following the style of the brand Le Creuset. This dish allows a user to steam, fry and roast components of a meal only using the heat of their oven.

A toothbrush designed to utilise the benefits of IOT to improve a users dental hygiene, giving recommendations and reminders.

A sustainable meal solution aimed at tackling the environmental impact of feeding our growing population.

A test rig of a coffee machine concept, using electronic and mechanical skills acquired throughout my degree to make a working physical prototype.

An injection molding tool, designed to be manufactured within design school facilities.

Targeted at ‘the indoor generation’, this filter aims to improve air quality within the home, reducing the harmful impact spending so much time inside has on our health.

Video Work