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An Environment Designer with an interest in changing the way we interact and relate to the spaces around us.

Wonder Maps

A trail developed to encourage visitors to explore tourist towns instead of driving around them. This trail winds through the heart of Loughborough, connecting popular tourist attractions, cafes, shops, and other local businesses that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The Opportunity

Loughborough has consistently struggled in the tourism industry. Although the town has some very attractive areas, visitors are often quickly deterred by unpleasant features that leave a lasting negative impression on their trip.

I identified three key reasons why Loughborough isn’t attracting more visitors and why those who do visit aren’t staying longer.

Environment Design Strategies

I looked into the environment itself analysing the attractive features and the elements that might be contributing to the problem.

User Experience Strategies

I used various design tools to enhance my user experience and business model.

User Journey Maps

Environment Blueprint

Stewart Brand’s Six Layers of Buildings

Service Blueprints

Design Outcome

Wonder Maps is environment centred experience which allows users to better familiarise themselves with their surroundings. This solution results in higher tourist rates, more spending in independent businesses and more exposure for lesser know tourist attractions.

Other Projects

Borrow Box

A sustainable solution to retirement home living.

Social Media Marketing

Designing promotional material for university and professional level rugby.

Advanced CAD

Using visualisation tools to bring environments to life.