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I am a creative and enthusiastic undergraduate designer looking to apply my skills, specifically in sketching and ideation, to an industry setting. I hope to gain experience and knowledge regarding professional practices and grow personally in a new setting.

Major project: Remy

RSA Student Design Awards entry

The Red Forest

This project was surrounding the theme of using trees to protect our environment. As a group, we immediately started thinking of apocalyptic world ending problems, such as famine or nuclear fallout. We then stumbled across the Red Forest inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone, a large natural environment with locked radiation within the eco-system itself.

This forest is poorly managed with by a small group of fire fighter volunteers, attempting to manage and put out fires whenever they start as much as possible. This is incredibly important as the forest fires are incredibly instantaneous and result in the locked radiation being re-released into the atmosphere. During our research, we concluded that a large fire could release a dosage of radiation covering the whole of mainland europe, so this is incredibly improtant to prevent.

Our product solution is to provide the firefighters with a aerogel- emitting gun and aircraft dispensary system, to quickly and effectively contain the fires. This material would extinguish the flames and contain any radiation.

Our solution
Our solution

Design week- On running – TTP

During this short-style project, I designed an asthma management device to give wearers more confidence and control over their condition, as well as to help them manage triggers, spikes in their condition and asthma attacks. It meaures Histamine, Cortisol and Blood pressure monitors throughout day-to-day living, allowing the overall condition of the user to be visualised, better understood and evaluated via an app.

Optional module: Sustainability Design

contact: eleanor.buckeldee@gmail.com