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An industrial designer who strives to create meaningful products that make a difference to user's lifestyles.

Final Project

PUFFER – An Asthma Screening Service integrated with the NHS School Health Checks

1 in 11 children suffer from Asthma in the UK, with the highest mortality rate in Europe. The level of awareness of Asthma is low in schools, resulting in poor detection and consequently many cases remaining undiagnosed. 

PUFFER is a paediatric device designed to make medical exams more fun and engaging for young children. The design incorporates familiar shapes and animals to make the process less intimidating and scary.

How Does it Work?

PUFFER is an interactive and engaging paediatric toy designed to be used alongside the NHS School Health Checks. The device collects a breath sample to screen for specific Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that indicate signs of Asthma. The user has to breathe into the device for a minute at a constant calm rate whilst they look at the expanding lit up pufferfish balloon and listen to music.

The sample is then sent to a laboratory for testing through the use of thermal desorption and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry.

Service Design

As PUFFER will be used in schools, it was important that the design minimised the amount of waste generated – eliminating as many single use plastic parts in the device as possible. Other than the mouthpiece, the majority of the device is reusable through autoclaving sterilisation methods.

The removable sample pod has two integrated one-way valves which prevents the breath sample from being contaminated during transit and makes it easier for the user to prepare the sample to send to a laboratory for testing and sterilisation.

As part of the Service:

Parents are notified of their child’s results through the NHS app where they will be advised whether they need to be referred to a doctor for a diagnosis or not.

Other Work

Eczema is more than just an itch.

Zema. – An Eczema device that helps children control and manage their symptoms

Eczema doesn’t just affect the skin. Eczema can affect the quality of life; social life, physical and emotional health, and wellbeing and happiness.

A discreet device that uses AI to help children who live in urban areas control and manage their symptoms sooner.

Zema. scans the area irritated by eczema and uses AI to analyse and provide immediate personal treatment plans.

This allows users to manage symptoms in real time using the correct method of treatment rather than waiting for a GP appointment.

Zema. connect to the app remotely using bluetooth and cellular network
Using the camera, Zema. can scan the irritated area
Exploded View with added features (charging port & sustainable removable handle)

Work Experience

Product & Packaging Freelancer: November 2023 – Present

Wrapology (int.) Ltd.: May 2022 – June 2023

Junior Product & Packaging Designer and Artworker

Awards and Recognitions

  • Nomination for “Unsung Hero” for Club Photographer and commitment to Women’s AU Football teams
  • Certificate of Recognition, WPO Worldstar Student Awards 2022
  • Silver Trophy Award, Starpack Students 2021