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I am a multidisciplinary designer, specialising in illustration, motion design and advertising. My passions include model making, character design, world building and storytelling.

Neck Oil Advertisement

This advertisement for the brand Neck oil, is a speculative project that aims to broaden their consumer-base. The advert aims to persuade women who fancy a pint to just go ahead and buy one. Bernie, the puppet, acts as an example of the nervousness women may feel when heading to the bar, often overcome with too many options and fear of judgement. Bernie demonstrates it’s easy to bubble up, but it’s important to rise to it.

I chose Neck Oil as my brand of choice due to their diverse range of flavours that may appeal to my target audience.

Enterlude – The Video Game

In semester one, I began a project which aimed to address the government’s laissez fare approach to the rise in Artificial Intelligence in everyday use.

For this project I developed a unique and in-depth narrative which aimed to get people to question what the future may look like with AI.

The Evacuation – Development work

Here is the development for my current project’s visual language. In this project I am hoping to address the UK’s views on Asylum seekers. I am making a graphic novel that will show my target audience that the only difference between us and them, is circumstance. Please refer to my portfolio for the outcome of this project.