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Inspired by the iconic navy blue color, distinctive handles, of the traditional "Bol Breton", this project celebrates my French heritage through the creation of pots. Each piece reflects my culture's traditional artistry, with forms reminiscent of natural rocks.

Bol Breton

A contemporary approach on the “Bol Breton”

During this project, I aim to explore the traditional “Bol Breton” by introducing a contemporary interpretation. The classic Bol Breton is recognizable by its two handles, known as “oreilles,” and its distinctive navy border. After extensive research and reflection, I chose to incorporate the handles using found objects such as sticks, as depicted in the image below. To honor the traditional color palette, I used blue and white glazes. The choice of a runny blue glaze allows it to flow and merge beautifully with the contrasting opaque white glaze, creating a dynamic and harmonious effect.