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I am a student-athlete passionate about trying to find solutions to puzzle and experimenting with re-branding. I enjoy learning and working with a team. I believe this brings out the best in me. I like to work on projects that work with a lot of colours, so I remain engaged. In the future I hope to work alongside a team and meet new people!

Brawl Stars Meets Twister

Brawl Stars is a mobile video game by Supercell. I used to play this game when I was younger, they do collaborations with other companies to help promote both brands. I decided to create one with Twister, this way I can introduce Twister ice lollies to another generation. I have created packaging for Twister ice lollies promoting Brawl Stars and on one game I have designed character skins for the existing characters to unlock and a brand-new character specifically representing Wall’s Twister ice lollies.

This is the packaging for the ice lollies when they are displayed in shops and supermarkets.
This is an example of a skin I developed for an existing character in the game.
The promotional character I designed for the app.