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Hi, I'm Athena! I enjoy using photography to tell my own personal stories as well as the stories of those around me. My work usually includes lots of colourful projects full of mixed media and portraiture.

The Big Chop

The Big Chop is a photography-based campaign focused on addressing the prevalence of hair bias and highlighting how easily micro-aggressions can go unnoticed. The project aims to empower and support young Black women who have experienced hair-based discrimination, while also educating others about the impact of hair bias.

The term ‘The Big Chop’ is predominantly used within the Black community, referring to the act of cutting off relaxed or chemically damaged hair to revive natural hair and promote growth. Much like the name, this project aims to cut through hair bias and foster an environment where natural hair can flourish, particularly in professional settings.

Social Media

As The Big Chop caters to young Black women aged 16-21, social media played a pivotal role in its design process. The core focus of the design was to cultivate connection and provide support to its users. My primary objective with this project was to create a platform where young women could openly share their experiences with hair bias while also gaining insights into the issue.

Session Booklet

These initial pages form the foundation of a booklet I crafted for weekly group sessions. The objective of this project was to establish a safe and supportive environment where young Black women could voice their experiences and be truly heard. Within these pages, attendees are encouraged to express their thoughts while also delving into the topic of hair bias, fostering both reflection and education.

Careers Fair

The campaign was crafted for presentation at college and university and career fairs, serving as an effective means of connecting with young Black women contemplating their entry into the workforce. Included below are some of the items I designed for distribution, including bracelets, pens, and pamphlets, aimed at engaging and empowering our target audience.